Posted on September 13, 2020 10:16 pm

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You can’t really call this thug a bystander. No this guy is a grinning after-the-fact participant, cheering for his local team. This was before other police even arrived on scene.

He and the other “bystanders” in the Compton neighborhood do absolutely nothing after two deputies are shot while seated in their vehicle, cameras out filming. Bad enough on its own, but then this thug films himself laughing it up about the whole thing.

He’s celebrating and bragging about how tough they are in Compton. It is vile, and basically illiterate. Pretty much a one-word vocabulary. Guess which word.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik shared the video on Twitter, which was first posted by other users.

“As [LASD] deputies laid critically injured after a gunman attempted to execute them, this mongrel found it entertaining. #BLM called for these attacks and the [NFL], [NBA], [MLB] and [NHL] supports them,” Kerik wrote.

This is really hard to watch and listen to, but do it anyway. You need to know where we are.

His complete glee when he says they got shot in the face is unreal, gross, disgusting, and … detailed.

If I were the cops I’d be asking him how he knew they were hit in the face. How close did he get before he started filming? Close enough to be an accomplice? How was he there so quickly? How did BLM protesters know what hospital to go to in order to try to impede treatment of the deputies?

Track this thug down, drag him to the station, force him talk.

But it’s not like he’s alone. This is every day now in cities all across America. You live in a downtown area? You ought to seriously think on moving out. You don’t have to believe you’re at war. The war believes you are.

This is what Democrats want and have wanted all along. This is what they’ve been working for over decades. These are the thugs the left has created, nurtured, coddled, empowered, and unleashed. This is Biden’s America.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop