Posted on September 10, 2020 9:58 am

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This morning Grabien founder Tom Elliot dug up a clip from March where Trump was being very frank with CNN’s Jim Acosta about why he wasn’t being more negative about the coronavirus, saying that he wanted to be positive and give people hope:

Obviously Elliot is being sarcastic about this being ‘rare footage’ and a ‘bombshell’. But his point is taken and this is a great reminder that Trump essentially said publicly what he told Woodward privately, that he didn’t want to be very negative about the virus. Rather he wanted to be positive and to give people hope.

To further make his point, Elliot tweeted the following to Jim Acosta…

Everyone in the fake news media is treating this Woodward audio as though it incriminates Trump, which is ridiculous when you saw how Trump responded to the virus. They are saying he was too late or something, but that’s just not true. In fact one of the things Trump pointed out to Acosta in the video above is that early on, when they were still learning about the virus, they weren’t sure if the virus would just be relegated to China or spread all over the world. They knew it was potentially deadly but wasn’t sure how it would migrate.

It’s easy to forget what actually happened and to look back and blame Trump for this or that. But remember, the WHO didn’t even declare a pandemic until almost mid-March. And these dishonest media pundits know this but they just want to attack Trump to defeat him in November.

This morning Trump tweeted this about Woodward:

Exactly! Woodward knew that what Trump told him was also what he was saying publicly and therefore he didn’t release the quotes. But now he’s simply trying to use them as a political weapon against Trump in the election and sell a book.

The word on the street is that Lindsey Graham is the one who convinced Trump to do the interview with Woodward. If that’s true Trump needs to stop taking advice from Lindsey.

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