WATCH: Tony Bobulinski just held press conference on evidence against Joe Biden

7:33 pm - 10-22-2020    43 Add a Comment

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Tony Bobulinski just held a presser to announce the evidence he’s about to turn over to the FBI and the Senate tomorrow regarding his business dealings with the Biden crime family:

He goes into a little detail about some of what we’ve already seen today, explaining how he became involved with the Biden crime family and how that ended after Hunter wanted to use his company as his own piggy bank.

He explains how Hunter had gotten angry and went behind his back in 2017, when 5 million dollars which was supposed to be transferred to his company but was transferred to Hunter’s own entities.

I’ve cued the video up to just after 11:45 where Bobulinski begins speaking. Watch for more…

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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