WATCH: College kids don’t know BASIC facts about 9/11 attacks or WHY we REMEMBER them

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I want to be clear from the start: this post, and the video in it, are not about mocking college kids or calling them stupid. It’s about the agenda not just on our campuses of higher learning, but all through our education system.

Like burying the successes we’ve had in fighting terror and subduing ISIS, our society and our elites are brainwashing kids when it comes to basic history, RECENT basic history, to suit their Ilhan Omar agenda.

Watch what these kids have to say, particularly about the Islamic Terror that was the basis of the attack, in this video from Campus Reform.

[embedded content]

“It coulda been anybody, Christian, Jew…”


Honestly, I really wonder why we’re in a huge rush to put kids back in state education systems right now.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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