Posted on September 10, 2020 7:22 pm

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Bret Baier just destroyed Biden’s national press secretary in an interview on Fox News and it was the most cringeworthy interview I’ve seen in a long time:

[embedded content]

Not long after TJ Ducklo starts defending Trump, you realize he’s so greasy you can’t tell the difference between him and an oil slick. Seriously. Question after question Ducklo wouldn’t give a straight answer to and he filibustered as much as he could. Ducklo even attacked Bret Baier for trying to make excuses for Trump when Baier asked him about Fauci’s comments on the most recent Woodward controversy.

It was the end, however, which was most cringeworthy. Baier asked if Biden had ever used teleprompters during local interviews or to answer Q&As with reporters, and Ducklo flat refused to answer the question! Baier pressed him on it and he then accused Baier of doing the bidding of Trump’s campaign.

Baier admitted that the Trump campaign is where it comes from, because they are using it to attack Biden. But greasy Ducklo refused to even go there because he can’t admit the truth because it would be damaging to Biden and he can’t lie because we have video!

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