Posted on September 12, 2020 5:00 pm

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The Austin city council voted unanimously to start defunding police a few weeks ago, slashing funds from the budge and redirecting that money to liberal pet projects and BLM-proposed “alternatives” to policing.

But alternatives don’t arrest murderers. Cops do. Or they did. But will they be doing that for much longer? The Texas Municipal Police Association is warning visitors to the Lone Star state’s most woke enclave that, no, maybe not.

It’s not just Austin making these disastrous decisions, as Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow explained on Saturday.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, this same approach has been adopted by St. Petersburg, Florida, and law enforcement experts warned a “catastrophe” was waiting to happen. Law Enforcement Today—a police-centric news outlet—tweeted in response to the St. Petersburg Police Department’s announcement of the change by saying, “Not every 911 call starts violent — but many of them end that way. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen… and it’s spreading across America.”

Catastrophe is the right word. It’s also a good word for how the rest of Texas views the decline of Austin into liberal madness over the years.

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