US Treasury Sanctions Russian Government Group Linked to ‘Destructive’ Triton Malware

12:50 am - 10-24-2020    7 Add a Comment

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The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday announced sanctions against a Russian government research institution that has been accused of using the “destructive” Triton malware to target critical facilities in the United States. The malware is also known as TRISIS and HatMan and was designed to target industrial control systems. The majority of such systems monitor and enable safe emergency shutdown of industrial processes and critical infrastructure facilities to save human life. Such facilities deliver energy, water, transport, banking and finance, and other essential services. The Treasury Department noted that the Triton malware have been referred to by the private cybersecurity industry as “the most dangerous threat activity publicly known.” The malware was used against U.S. partners in the Middle East, the department said. Furthermore, hackers behind the malware “have been reportedly scanning and probing U.S. facilities.” The entity subject to the sanctions is the Moscow-based institute called the “State Research Center of …

READ FULL STORY @ The Epoch Times

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