Two Democratic Sheriffs Officially Switch to GOP Party: ‘Tired of Seeing Fires Set in Our Streets’

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The Democrat party has turned its back on civility and the rule of law while allowing innocent Americans to be victim to lawless anarchy.

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And some within the party have opened their eyes and are saying “enough.”

Vanderburgh County, Indiana Sheriff Dave Wedding has announced that he is switching from Democrat to Republican.

Wedding said in a statement he was “tired of seeing fires set in our streets. I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government, and everything we stand for.”

Wedding then pointed out the disrespect for the flag and general degradation of American culture was part of his decision.

“Watching the daily burning of American flags, failing to be able to use the word ‘God’ in any sentence at most Democrat-led functions, denouncing law enforcement as if we’re the evil people. I am very proud of my profession in law enforcement and when people attack us, it’s pretty insulting,” Wedding said.


Following the announcement, the Democratic Party of Vanderburgh County expressed disappointment with the sheriff’s decision.

“His move to the Republican party after benefiting from years of Democratic support makes his political opportunism all the more distasteful,” the statement read.

However, Wedding was not the first local sheriff elected as a Democrat to change his party affiliation.

“Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham made the same move recently, citing national issues as his reasons,” the article stated.

Latham’s post explaining his party switch reads:

“I have always lived my life by conservative values and have felt strongly that a political party does not define me as a person. That being said, my values – and the values of today’s Democrat platform – are so different that I can no longer call myself a Democrat. The unity and hope once idealized by John F. Kennedy has been replaced with divisiveness and anger. Personally – and professionally – I can no longer be a member of an organization that promotes this agenda. I will not sit silently as Democrats urge the defunding of police across our nation. I will not be complicit in advocating for division.

“There are good men and women in law enforcement. Men and women who have given their lives for the safety of the community they serve. I have served alongside many. These men and women deserve to be respected, not demeaned and demonized. The evil and disgraceful actions of one officer, does not represent myself, nor does it destroy my faith in law enforcement as a whole.

“Today I move forward as a Republican officeholder, but I have many strong friendships with local Democrats here in Posey County. Those friendships will not change, and neither will my commitment to serve this great community.”

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More and more Democrats are starting to switch sides.

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