Posted on September 12, 2020 11:38 pm

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President Trump at his rally in Nevada stressed that if Democratic nominee Joe Biden is elected he’ll shut the whole country down over the China virus, creating a historic depression and permanently wrecking the economy, not to mention killing Americans.

“If he got in, we would have the greatest depression in the history of our country. I mean it. I think 1929 would look like good times, alright, because he’d do everything wrong,” said the President. “He’d raise your taxes, he’d raise the hell out of interest rates, he’d do everything wrong.”

“The Biden Shutdown will permanently destroy the lives and dreams of tens of millions of Americans, inflict totally lasting harm on our children, and lead to countless deaths from suicide,” said the President.

“When you do these shutdowns, your state is shut down,” said Trump. “Except if you have a riot! You’re not shut down for riots. Riots you can have. They can burn the hell out of the strip, they can burn the hell out of Reno, they can do whatever the hell they want if it’s a riot. But if you want to go to church, you can’t do it.”

The president outlined all the devastating consequences of longterm shutdowns, and said open up this state referring to Nevada.

It was a strong moment, because so many average American voters agree with this. Elites in D.C. can’t understand that all their politicking means jack diddly when it comes to the dinner table and how much food is on it.

But they’ll catch on come November.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop