“The media loved my husband before he decided to run for President” – Melania rips into the media during her Trump rally

5:02 pm - 10-27-2020    2 Add a Comment

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Melania ripped into the media today for how they turned on her husband, saying they loved him before he decided to run for president:

Melania says that the media loved her husband before he ran for president because they saw in him what she said she sees every day.

But when he ran for president, Melania said the media created a different picture of him, one that she does not recognize, noting that they began editorializing real events with their own bias and agendas.

She argues that her “Be Best” initiative is a perfect example, saying that it has one main goal of helping children. But the media refuse to cover it, instead focusing only on the negative. But Melania says that will not stop her from doing what is right.

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READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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