Posted on September 10, 2020 10:22 pm

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A Texas lawmaker named Matt Schaefer has asked the Texas AG to investigate Netflix for violating child exploitation and child pornography laws:

Netflix is headquartered in California, but they do have offices in Texas. Hopefully Paxton will open an investigation.

Meanwhile, #CancelNetflix is trending #2 on Twitter as of the time of this post and was trending #1 earlier today. I think that’s great news, especially if a ton of people are canceling.

There’s also a Change.Org petition for canceling Netflix subscriptions and it currently has over 604k signatures.

Hopefully all of this is hitting Netflix’s bottom line and they are getting the message loud and clear that this is absolutely unacceptable. I mean seriously, the fact that they even need to hear this message from subscribers says a lot about the company.

You know who gave Netflix a pass for this today? CNN:

Here’s a few other tweets topping #CancelNetflix:

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