Sportswriter Jason Whitlock: ‘White liberals, they're the actual bigots’

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Without question, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a real history of making racist, bigoted comments.

We’ve all heard them or read about them. There’s no denying it.


But the Democratic Left’s racism actually runs much deeper – you might even call it ‘systemic.’

That’s according to Outkick sportswriter Jason Whitlock, by the way.

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During an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Wednesday, Whitlock, who is black, gave his opinion of the pasty white Lefties who are essentially stealing black identities so they can appear to be more ‘woke.’

That would include the recently-outed professor Jessica Krug and that race fraud Shaun King.

He told Carlson:

There is a business built around racial grievance. And that business is booming at such a level that white people are like hey, I’m going to adopt a whole new identity so I can benefit from being Baby Al Sharpton, Baby Jesse Jackson, and in academia, this has been embraced and she has been able to pull off this scam. It’s not just her, this isn’t just an anecdote. We’ve had it with Rachel Dolezal, we’ve had it with the Shaun King guy on Twitter who is white, who has pretended to be black, who has lied and said that “my mother slept with a black man and she didn’t tell anybody about it.”

All of these people moving into the race-bait industry and business and it must be very profitable and lucrative because everybody wants to be down with the cause. Y’all know that Jessica Krug is keeping it real. You know, yo?

Whitlock was just getting started.

The branding has been so strong that if you put on this label of being a liberal, there is virtually nothing you can do negative against black people that will be seen as negative. White liberals — I’m sorry, they’re the actual bigots.

I know that’s going to blow a lot of people’s minds but liberalism to me is now the new KKK hood. Bigots use to hide under hoods, now they hide under the label of being a liberal end of progressive and that allows you to be as bigoted as you want to be.

If you want to call yourself an antifascist and support of Black Lives Matter as a white person, that means you can go out into the streets, tear down neighborhoods, harass people, say all kinds of disrespectful stuff to white and black people, and it’s all good because allegedly, you’re fighting racism. Allegedly, you’re on the side of black people.

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And actually if you evaluate their actions and their mindsets, they actually can’t stand the black people, they have no respect for black people, think very little of black people, and certainly aren’t working towards our benefit. The world is upside down.

It’s a big lie and a scam and… white people, white liberals are going out on a black person’s credit card and making up a bunch of charges, charging of a bunch of things that we have to pay the bill for. They are doing it in our name. This is crazy.

Whitlock is spot-on. And if these liberal frauds were honest with themselves, they’d admit it.

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