Posted on October 17, 2020 5:50 pm

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You gotta wonder how Ruth Bader Ginsburg would feel about people invoking her name while attacking a public demonstration in order to prevent it and attacking a stage to halt the free exercise of speech.

Because that’s exactly what happened today in Washington, D.C.

A #ConfirmACB rally was held outside the Supreme Court today by the Independent Women’s forum for supporters who believe in Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s constitutional views, ethics, competence, and the constitutionality of her nomination and confirmation hearings.

But the LEFT, perhaps having destroyed and burned down all the government outlets to protest, decided to protest other people likewise exercising their rights. They don’t want free speech for anyone but themselves.

When the right protests, the left holds counter protests and invades to stop them.

When the left protests, the right holds counter protests, and the left invades to stop them.

Common theme there.

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