Rochester police forced to hide their names after protesters dox family members for harassment

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Rochester police officers are forced to hide their identities to protect their families as protesters have begun targeting their families for harassment:

DAILY WIRE – Rochester Police Department (RPD) officers have been given permission to cover up their names displayed on their tags to avoid harassment from left-wing protesters who are screaming out their home addresses, kids’ names and schools, and calling to taunting their parents in front of them.

“The past couple of months officers names have been researched by protesters to put personal information out to the public, putting the safety of their families in jeopardy,” said a statement from RPD Chief La’Ron Singletary, who announced his resignation earlier this week.

“Officers have been allowed to remove their name tags in an effort to prevent their personal information from being spread on social media,” Singletary added.

Local radio show host and journalist Bob Lonsberry posted via Twitter on Thursday: “Peaceful protesters have stood outside the [Rochester] Public Safety Building, read an officer’s name off his uniform, tracked him down on their phones, and called his parents to taunt them. Or held up the phone to show the officer his home address and threaten to come after him there.”

This is all in the wake of the Daniel Prude’s death which happened much earlier this year, where Prude, who was high on PCP, died days after officers subdued and arrested him. He lost consciousness at the scene and was taken off life support a week later.

Singletary, who announced his retirement because “As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character”, defended his officers saying they “followed their training step by step.”

We haven’t posted the video of the police body came footage before, but you can watch it below:

[embedded content]

According to the BBC, “The Monroe County medical examiner ruled Mr Prude’s death a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint”, according to a post-mortem examination. The autopsy report also cited “excited delirium” and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or the drug PCP, as contributing factors.”

People are quick to point out that officer’s knee on Prude’s back, but it doesn’t look like it was on his neck or anything. I do wonder why the one officer was using so much force to hold Prude’s head in place, with his legs extended like he’s in a pushup position, but otherwise I’m not sure the officers did anything wrong. Prude was spitting, which is why they used the spit hood. It’s very common for something like that to be used when people are spitting at officers. They are breathable.

But the family says this was a ‘lynching’ by police officers. I see nothing that justifies that kind of rhetoric, even remotely. But it’s this kind of rhetoric that is leading to the attacks and harassment of these officers and their families and that is completely beyond the pale.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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