Rep. Steube Introduces Bill to Limit Section 230 Immunity for Big Tech

5:48 am - 10-31-2020    3425 Add a Comment

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Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) unveiled legislation that would require big tech companies to adhere to the “First Amendment standard for their content moderation practices.” The bill would limit the immunity the companies have when they restrict speech or censor certain content, allowing for more accountability. The Curbing Abuse and Saving Expression In Technology Act, or the CASE-IT Act, which would amend Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, aims to allow free speech online while protecting minors from inappropriate and unsafe content. The bill seeks to limit the power big tech CEOs have in deciding which content is not favorable or true. “Unelected big tech CEOs should not be able to abuse the protections granted to them by Section 230 to block speech and withhold information from the public, just because it doesn’t suit their political beliefs,” Steube said. “Their censorship has gone beyond simply acting as publishers and has reached …

READ FULL STORY @ The Epoch Times

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