President Trump Slams Biden About RINO Governor’s Endorsement: “I’ll take the Endorsement of Law Enforcement all over the Country, and Joe can have the RINO’S”

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Detroit and Flint, Michigan voters will not vote for Joe Biden if he accepts former Michigan Governor Synder’s endorsement.

Democrats are still angry and still complain about the water in Flint. Former Governor Rick Snyder was at the center of the Flint water crisis (see below) and received a tremendous amount of criticism during the crisis.

President Trump just tweeted out that Joe Biden will lose supporters if he accepts the endorsement from Snyder:

The failed former Governor of Michigan, RINO Rick Snyder, who was responsible for the Flint Water Disaster (and I let him know it!), is now endorsing Sleepy Joe Biden, who doesn’t have a clue! Snyder, whose political career was ruined by Flint, hurt a lot of people in Michigan…

…I’ll take the Endorsement of Law Enforcement all over the Country, and Joe can have the RINO’S. This Snyder mess was made during the OBiden era – no wonder they’re friends!

Rick Snyder was blamed for the water crisis:

In April 2015, it was discovered that the water being delivered into Flint, MI homes was laced with lead. Although officials from Flint, Michigan switched the city’s water supply to the Flint River as a cost-cutting measure for the struggling city, the media and Democrat politicians immediately blamed then-Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

On December 20, the Detroit Free Press reported about a mysterious green slime oozing from a cement wall on the side of the expressway in Madison Heights, MI, a suburb approximately 11 miles north of Detroit – The closure of the right lane of eastbound I-696 in Madison Heights — about ½-mile before the Oakland-Macomb county line at Dequindre — is expected to continue well into Friday night as authorities keep motorists away from a mysterious chemical spill.

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The right lane and shoulder will stay closed “as long as it takes” to get a hazardous-material crew at the scene and clean up an unidentified liquid that’s mysteriously spurting from a freeway wall, said Diane Cross of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Today, Breitbart News is reporting about the mysterious green liquid that was found oozing onto a Detroit-area highway on Friday, causing authorities to shut down that portion of Interstate 696 and bringing in federal agencies to investigate the spillage.

Michigan State Police announced Saturday on Twitter that the liquid was the chemical hexavalent chromium, and it had been leaking from the basement of a local business.

Hexavalent chromium is typically produced during plating processes and is a known carcinogen, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Former U.S. Congresswoman turned Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, wrote about the mysterious green slime on her Facebook page:

Macomb County Public Works Monitors I-696 Pollution

Macomb County Public Works engineers and staff are working with state and federal agencies to monitor a bright green material that is seeping on to I-696 in Madison Heights. The material is currently being tested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with results expected on Saturday.

While the spill is taking place outside Macomb County, any material that enters storm drains along I-696 eventually travels to Lake St. Clair.

“Pollution knows no county or city boundaries. Our first duty is to protect our local water and we stand ready to assist our federal and state partners to contain this material. The federal EPA and state EGLE, as well as the Madison Heights Fire Department, are on-site and my staff is in close communication with them to ensure that this material is captured before it can migrate to the lake,” said Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller.

“Our number one priority is to protect and preserve the water quality in our magnificent Great Lakes,” Miller said.

Macomb County Public Works operates a 24-hour hotline that citizens may use to report pollution in local drains or waterways: 877-679-4337.[0]=68.ARBdj6oR6hqXj3VZQVrj2S2HkMsT-cNGlMD4jpmX24r977_qTfsZX_rrN23EHf_HWhjgSuaIAjByiZimu8dBhlRl2OyLorBOwm7upD46BLWfYTMj4qQ55iJRtiy9Uef0s6aghTTJhqXlxNZEgelfprWTmUlZFg6GjkqwQ45ZvhoFeOtaOUTmMne763sTMKDxBRNmRuMQn6lRWhtNQ7yE84sxacTTUgDHVcjNSLY2de9VR0EMBtoh_6vlclOq4qF9R–pbiwCK92HRt1FH5vKSge-PTKte9rHzZeDO2OGskTtsuD0GshWV15kD9mFk4iJck5OydY_f1LEf2032WZ-&__tn__=-R

Will the same media and Democrat politicians who blamed Republican Governor Rick Snyder for the lead crisis in Flint, MI, blame Michigan’s Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, for the cancerous slime that’s oozing onto a major highway in a major metropolitan city just outside of Detroit?

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