PANTS ON FIRE: Joe Biden just released a new ad against Trump that is filled with nothing but ridiculous LIES

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Joe Biden just tweeted a new ad from his campaign that is filled with nothing but lies. Seriously, it may be the most garbage ad I’ve seen since the one about Mitt Romney killing someone.


If anything were worthy of a ‘FALSE’ label from Big Tech, it’d be this ad.

For starters, the ad claims that the school closings at the beginning of the pandemic are a broken promise by Trump because Trump said in his inaugural speech “Americans want great schools for their children.” How absurd. Not only were the schools closed by governors, but it was in response to a new virus that we knew very little about and they were just trying to protect the children and teachers to keep them from getting infected.

Secondly, the ad quotes Trump as saying Americans want “safe neighborhoods for their families” and then shows the small group of Trump supporters driving through Portland shooting paintballs and spraying bear repellant at BLM and Antifa thugs. NEVER does it mention why these Trump supporters were there in the first place and it also NEVER mentions that a Trump supporter was stalked and murdered by an Antifa thug. It never mentions all of the Biden supporters burning down cities across the country like Portland, Kenosha and Minnesota.

Lastly, it quotes Trump saying that Americans want “good jobs for themselves” and then shows the plummeting unemployment numbers during the pandemic which, again, is ridiculous. The country was effectively shut down to prevent the spread of the China virus to PROTECT PEOPLE.

So I guess what Biden is really saying with this ad is that America should’ve just let the virus run rampant, killing school children, teachers, and people out in the workforce alike. I mean, what other takeaway is there?

I honestly can’t believe Biden tweeted this ad from his Twitter and fully expect him to delete it before tomorrow. It’s just that bad.

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