Netflix sexualizes 11-yr-olds with release of ‘Cuties’ and it’s REALLY BAD

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Netflix has now released to the public a french film which sexualizes 11-year-olds called Cuties, and it’s really bad. Here’s a couple of clips to give you an idea [PARENTAL WARNING ADVISED]:

As Ghost Jim notes, it not only sexualizes children but normalizes pedophilia. In the first video the girls are twerking and moving like they are having sex. In the second clip the girls are dancing in a sexualized way while opening their legs and showing their crotches.

It’s reprehensible and has prompted quite a bit of outrage. In fact the Muslim country of Turkey has ordered Netflix to remove the film from their platforms:

Matt Walsh and others have weighed in on it as well:

As you can imagine this has prompted a new round of cancellations for Netflix:

I’ll end with this deleted tweet from The New Yorker, who thinks we’re just a bunch of ‘scandal-mongers’:

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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