Posted on September 10, 2020 3:09 pm

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Supporters have lined up several hours before President Trump’s arrival in Freeland, Michigan for a campaign rally this evening.

President Trump is holding a rally Thursday evening at 7 PM local time at Avflight Saginaw at the MBS International Airport, but that didn’t stop supporters of the President to line up nearly twelve hours before the event is set to start.

Currently, there is a fun, festive tailgate-like atmosphere more than 6 hours before Trump is set to hold his rally.


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Sleepy Joe was in Michigan on Wednesday and arrived to a crowd of Trump supporters chanting “Four more years!”

The Biden campaign shared a video of Joe’s visit on his Facebook page. During his speech, Joe repeats the false story published by the Atlantic about Trump making disparaging comments about WWI vets.

In addition to the multiple lies Joe tells during his speech, Joe spent a great deal of time stumbling through policies he plans to implement that Trump has already implemented. He talks tough about bringing manufacturing back to America but worked under Barack Obama for 8 years while he openly mocked the idea of bringing manufacturing back to America.

Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday said she is worried that President Donald Trump’s campaign event in her state would pose a threat to public health, but expressed no such concerns about a similar event planned for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Whitmer speculated with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Trump might be “encouraging people to come maskless” to the rally.


READ FULL STORY @ 100 Percent Fed Up