Posted on September 9, 2020 9:23 pm

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Tucker Carlson aired leaked audio tonight showing how CNN’s Chris Cuomo helped Michael Cohen prepare for tough interviews on his own network regarding Stormy Daniel payments:

Because Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen were such good friends, Cohen hit up Cuomo for advice on doing interviews on his own network and Cuomo was more than happy to oblige.

Tucker explains how Cuomo did the back and forth they’d do in their interview, explaining how Cohen could explain certain things and duck certain questions regarding his payment to Stormy Daniels and his shell corporation he used to pay her.

Toward the end Cuomo even offered to ‘make some calls’ to make sure his good friend wouldn’t get in any legal trouble. We don’t know who he called, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he called his big bro for some ‘legal’ help, which in the end didn’t work out for Cohen.

But as Tucker points out it did work out for Cuomo, as Cohen is now going on his network in prime time to make the case against Donald Trump just two months before the election.

Watch the full interview for much, much more…

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