Former White House Stenographer: Biden Has 'Lost a Step' Mentally

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The more Americans watched Joe Biden try to function in a campaign setting last fall and earlier this year, the more we saw him stumble, stammer, become frustrated, and even threaten to become physical with voters (the latter of which would not have worked out very well for the senior citizen from Delaware).

But of course, the lying mainstream media, replete with Democratic operatives posing as ‘objective journalists,’ dismissed any suggestion that ‘Sleepy Joe’s’ mental acuity was just fine, nothing to see here, move on, let’s go, already. 


In other words, we’ve been told not to believe our eyes and ears about what we see and hear Biden say and do.

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Well, we’ve not gotten official confirmation or, more specifically, as official as we’re going to get, that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is not Vice President Joe Biden or even immediate-post-Obama administration Joe Biden.

His official former stenographer has spoken, and says unequivocally that he’s “not the same Joe Biden” in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon.

“It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017,” Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, said. “He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.

“He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking,” McCormick said. “He’s a different guy.”

The Free Beacon noted further:

McCormick’s recent book Joe Biden Unauthorized recounts his time working with Biden and takes a critical look at the former vice president, including the time he says Biden was “humiliated” by Russia’s Vladimir Putin in 2011.

McCormick—who often traveled with Biden and transcribed his speeches, public conversations with foreign leaders, and off-the-record media briefings for the official White House record—said the vice president had a talent for connecting with audiences when he was in office and almost always veered off script from his pre-written speeches. Biden’s physical stamina and cognitive health have come under scrutiny during the 2020 election, due to a series of speaking appearances in which the 77-year-old has appeared to lose his train of thought, struggled to finish a sentence, or forgotten where he is.

“He’d just make a big joke out of it, and go straight from the hip. And notice, he’s not doing that anymore,” he said. “He read that [Democratic National Committee speech] verbatim … it’s not Joe Biden anymore.”

McCormick elaborated further on that Putin ‘humiliation,’ noting in his book that Putin had Biden’s mic cut off during a speech, shutting him down and then ushering all the press out of the room. 

“[Putin’s] message was unmistakable: I’m in charge of the room, I’m in charge of my country, and I’m in charge of the reset,” wrote McCormick. “As you might imagine, the vice president’s staffers were furious with the Russians. I was instructed to have the transcript reflect how the vice president had been cut off in mid-sentence.”

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“He basically got body-slammed by Putin, really. I mean, I don’t know how else to describe it,” McCormick told the Free Beacon. “To me it was like, here’s our great foreign policy expert and he just got punk’d. And Vladimir Putin just had no fear or respect for him.”

Maybe now we know why Biden, Obama, and their allies in the deep state have tried to sabotage any chance President Trump might have had to patch things up with Russia.

A bigger question is this: Will the ‘mainstream media’ pick up on this report? 

We’re not hopeful.

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