Fauci Warns Americans About When Life Will 'Return To Normal'

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As the summer comes to a close, many Americans are finding themselves weary of the Covid-19 rhetoric that has been the top news story for over 6 months. Most of us are ready to get on with our lives and enjoy the fall festivities as we normally would. 

Unfortunately, the great and powerful Dr. Anthony Fauci is sending out a grave warning – that “normal” life for Americans likely will not return until the end of 2021. 


On Thursday afternoon, Dr. Fauci met with a panel of infectious disease experts from Harvard University. As they discussed the plan moving forward for America and moreover, all of civilization, the notion that Americans are still underestimating this decease became a major topic of discussion. 

Celine Castronuovo from The Hill reported on the meeting.

“‘We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter because it’s not going to be easy,’ Fauci said during a panel discussion with doctors from Harvard Medical School.”

The Hill went on to report,

During Thursday’s panel, Fauci added that vaccine trials are “progressing very well” and repeated his prediction that one will likely be available by the end of the year or by early 2021. 

Fauci also reiterated that different U.S. cities should expect to see post-Labor Day surges, with the expert saying last week that the country was heading into the fall with an “unacceptably high” level of COVID-19 cases. 

“We’re right around 40,000 new cases, that’s an unacceptably high baseline,” Fauci said at the time. “We’ve got to get it down, I’d like to see it 10,000 or less, hopefully less.”

As usual, Dr. Fauci went on to condemn the behavior of Americans in regards to the spread of infection. While speaking with CNN reporters, Fauci stated,

“When you’re dealing with a situation that requires behavioral change, we in the United States have a significant issue that I’m very disappointed in,” Fauci said during the webinar.

“It was stunning to me … that in some states and cities and counties, you would see television clips of people crowded indoors at bars, which is a superspreading event if you ever saw it.”

After Fauci once again denounced any “propagated” remedies, the topic of the regular influenza came up as well. That’s when Fauci went on to admire the guidelines (and mandates) that Australia has been put in place – the most rigorous and unconstitutional (by our standards) lock-downs in the world.

There “a hint of potential good news” when it comes to flu season. In Australia, where the flu season just ended, “They have had the lightest flu season in memory — which most people think is because they’re doing things to prevent SARS-CoV2 infection with masks, distancing, avoiding crowds, outdoor more than indoor. That what they’ve done as a secondary offshoot of that is they brought down the level of influenza cases, very, very low,” he said.

He added that if Americans can do this, he’s optimistic the country will have a light flu season too.

The social media newsfeed is echoing the same story across the board.

Dr. Fauci certainly knows how to take the wind out of our sails in regards to getting back to normal. It seems like if it were up to Dr. Fauci, the United States would be in a prison style lock-down for the rest of our existence. 

With the virus being a major political issue in the upcoming election, many Americans are under the assumption that things will return to normal sometime in mid-November – but again, this assumption is not backed by science. 

And with American media so highly polarized, it can be tough to navigate through the real science and figure out when exactly Americans will be safe from this virus. Both politicians and media personnel are playing the perpetual blame-game and we’re all stuck in the middle. Either way, don’t expect the country to “open back up” over the winter.

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