Posted on October 17, 2020 9:18 pm

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On Wednesday CNN host Chris Cuomo went off on President Trump for holding “super spreader” rallies and for getting his son infected with the virus. (actually there is no proof of this)

Chris Cuomo then went on to say how he got his wife and son sick and it crushed him.

Chris Cuomo: I got my wife and son sick. But for me, it crushed me. It left me ashamed and super sensitive to keeping people safe. Not only does he not talk about either of them that much But he’s parading around like superman and says he understands COVID better now.

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Chris Cuomo talks a good game on television.

But when the cameras are off the virtue signaling is over.

But The Gateway Pundit received a copy of letter sent to Chris Cuomo from a New York Property Management Corporation.

The address checks out.

Chris has been violating the mask rules and it was so bad the property management had to send him a warning letter.

Cuomo faces a $500 fine if he does it again!

Via Vote Nancy Out.

We can confirm the letter is legitimate from our sources in New York City.

We attempted to reach out to the property management corporation.

READ FULL STORY @ The Gateway Pundit