Posted on September 13, 2020 3:49 pm

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The two deputies who were shot in an attempted assassination ambush attack in Compton are still in critical condition. But LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva says they are expected to survive.

The deputies are out of surgery, the L.A. Times reported in the last few minutes. One of the deputies was shot in the head, and the other in the face, police told the Times on Sunday.

But both are expected to survive, in what Sheriff Villanueva told the Times is a “double miracle.”

The cold-blooded, execution-style attack was caught on surveillance video last night in Compton. The hospital that treated the deputies was then the site of a small but extremely nasty “protest” that included an attempt to interfere with treatment.

The press are making it all about some radio reporter. Or Biden. But the American people know what happened and now see the extent and measure of the enemy in our streets.

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