Democrats should be in FULL PANIC over Hispanic Vote turning toward Trump says MSNBC

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Maybe they are, but even if, it’s not enough panic, says this MSNBC/NBC News contributor. Why? Just think about it.

Not only do Democrats rely on the minority vote falling in line and obeying their will, they specifically rely on it in Florida, where they MUST beat Trump to win.

But their far left agenda? Yeah that don’t sit too right with Hispanic voters. If y’all lived in Texas you’d know how true that is. And in Florida, Cuban immigrants and those of Cuban heritage know too well the fist that comes from communism and socialism.

And that all ought to have Dems keeping up at night.

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“Hair on fire” is the right phrase.

What will be amazing is how many of them are still SHOCKED by Trump winning again, even though they should’ve learned from last time.

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