Courageous Young American Patriot Interrupts Pete Buttigieg Rally in Florida and Calls Out Communist Democrat Platform

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This guy has more guts than all of the Antifa crowd put together.

Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg was in Florida campaigning for VP Joe Biden for President who appears unable to make it out of his basement.

The Tampa Bay Times was at the event and shared this:

Pete Buttigieg, a top spokesman for the Democratic presidential campaign of Joe Biden, brought a message of inclusiveness to a Pride rally in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, but warned that the new, conservative-dominated U.S. Supreme Court could threaten advances in equal rights.

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Later in their post, the Times reports:

Two or three hecklers appeared in the crowd, a woman carrying a sign calling abortion rights a “Democratic evil” and a man shouting epithets about “antifa” and shouting, “I’m gay and I support Donald Trump.”

Buttigieg responded, asking him, “Are you afraid to hear what I have to say?” and then, “Do you denounce white supremacy?”

When the man said yes, Buttigieg replied, “Good, then we agree on something. See if you can get your president to do the same.”

Buttigieg easily won the encounter with the help of a loud PA system.

The Tampa Bay Times didn’t show the video of the encounter.  Here it is:

This young Trump supporter has guts.

READ FULL STORY @ The Gateway Pundit

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