CNN’s Fat, Dumb and Bald Guy sure thinks he’s fooled us all, in this LAUGHABLE and WEIRD clip

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That Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy at CNN, Brian Stelter, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the bad and getting worse all the time partisan bias and blatant hypocrisy at CNN. Laughably, he’s the one at the network tasked with talking about the problems with the media, something he never EVER does unless the media in question is Fox News.

And that’s probably because he wanted to make money off doing it, which he now is with his stupid new book that’s all about Fox News.

He went on The View today and Meghan McCain (shut up, I know) and Sarah Haines brought all the stuff that we’ve all been saying about CNN forever, in the context of some recent examples, and Stelter’s response was so hilariously absurd and opposite of reality you just … you have to see it for yourself.

Also while you’re watching, ask yourself how much coffee this man had today. Or at least a lot of SOMETHING made from plants.

Newsbusters got the clip:

From Newsbusters:

Haines brought up how Stelter writes about the lack of distinction between opinion and journalism on Fox. She pressed him to incorporate his own network in that criticism as well. Referring to all cable news, she asked, “Do you think that lack of clarity or that confusion contributes to the misinformation and the extreme divisiveness we’re seeing in politics today?”

The CNN anchor laughably claimed he was careful to make sure his show wasn’t “part of that problem.” After seemingly denying he was an opinion host, he went on to defend bashing Trump in his monologues as “cutting through the noise and getting to the news.”

Here was his answer:

The reason we have these monologues is it’s the best way to cut through all the noise and get to the news. To say, for example, the media is not the enemy of the American people or the enemy of Republicans. It’s the enemy of liars, and we can debunk lies through these essays. It’s an issue, and it sometimes all sounds like opinion even though I think what we’re doing is trying to get perspective on the news, trying to defend truth and decency and democracy which frankly wasn’t as necessary five years ago as it is today.

Y’all I’m laughing so much I can’t even stop long enough to finish telling you what he said. Read the rest from Newsbusters if your heart can handle the stress of laughing.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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