BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski to turn over PROOF of business dealings with Joe and Hunter Biden

6:42 pm - 10-22-2020    14 Add a Comment

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John Roberts is reporting that Tony Bobulinski will be turning over proof of his business dealings with both Joe and Hunter Biden:

If Joe Biden was paranoid before, just imagine how he’s feeling right now going into this debate with this hanging over his head. Dude’s probably popping anxiety pills like candy.

Also, there’s new chat messages that have been revealed by the Federalist that show Biden’s direct involvement in these business deals:

This last on is the key, showing Bobulinski asking James Biden to thank Hidin’ Joe for their meeting on the China business deal.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this video from a few minutes ago, where Bret Baier is asking Buttigieg about the Biden scandal:

It’s amazing how Democrats treat this like there’s absolutely nothing to this. Just amazing. Trump was right in his 60 Minutes interview, this really is one of the biggest scandals we’ve ever seen. It’s not bigger than the Russia-gate coup, but it’s probably next in line.

READ FULL STORY @ The Right Scoop

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