BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani says the Borat video is a “COMPLETE FABRICATION”

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There’s a Borat pic going around today from back in July where Rudy Giuliani was set up by Borat and allegedly caught in the act of touching his privates. Even Daily Caller ran with it:

But Giuliani, who was indeed set up by Borat, said he was never inappropriate and the video is a complete fabrication:

He was just part of a fake interview that Borat lured him into with his daughter, so taking of the mic seems like a reasonable thing to do.

Rudy continues:

I read this today too. It’s from the NY Post’s article on it here. And he did call the police. The NY Post verified that too back in July.

I think the media cared more about this fake story of Giuliani than it did about Hunter Biden’s laptop. I think it’s time for a ‘bigger dump’, so let’s get crackin Rudy!

UPDATE: The Daily Caller deleted their original tweet, so I posted a screenshot of it since I made it part of my post.

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