Blackburn Demands College Board Explain Ties With China Group

10:24 am - 10-27-2020    2 Add a Comment


Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., wants the College Board to detail its partnership with a Chinese government backed group that has allowed Beijing to try to influence American students.

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained a letter from Blackburn to the College Board, one of the largest standardized testing organizations, demanding to know more about the decades-long partnership between the Board and the Confucius Institute.

The institute, also known as Hanban, has been identified by the federal government as a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party, according to the Beacon.

“It is my concern that the Chinese government is manipulating this (College Board) partnership to characterize China in a wholesome light and stifle conversation that might be detrimental to the reputation of the Chinese Communist Party,” Blackburn said in the letter.  “College Board’s relationship with Hanban creates momentous security concerns.”

According to the New York Post, the Institute operates 550 Chinese culture and language programs in colleges and universities, including 75 in the U.S.

And the Beacon said an August report from the National Association of Scholars found that the College Board received almost $700,000 from the Institute to develop the Chinese curriculum for its Advanced Placement program for high school students.

The College Board did not comment about Blackburn’s letter. The Institute has maintained its operations are designed to only foster Mandarin literacy and appreciation of Chinese culture.


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