Posted on September 16, 2020 3:00 am

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On Wednesday, former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden endorsed Jon Hoadley, a Michigan Democrat who once blogged about 4-year olds wearing thongs and calling women “breeders.”

Hoadley is currently running for US Congress in Michigan’s 6th district which is a position currently held by a Republican.


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Hoadley, who identifies as a progressive Democrat, once blogged about meth as well as young girls wearing thongs.

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Check out what The New York Post reported:

A Michigan lawmaker and rising star in the Democratic Party who is running for Congress in one of the nation’s most contested seats discussed drug use and sex in a now-deleted blog where he also published derogatory comments about women and creepy remarks about children in underwear.

But before he was elected to state politics in 2014, the ambitious Democrat ran a LiveJournal blog where he discussed learning about crystal meth, described his sexual partners as “victims” and published a conversation which included a reference to 4-year-old girls wearing thongs.

The blog, named “Rambling Politics,” was deleted last week on the eve of Michigan’s Democratic Primary, but can still be found online.

In a post from May 2005, the state representative discussed going to a gay bar to “learn about crystal meth” and in a post several weeks later described his sexual partners as “victims.”

In a subsequent entry, Hoadley referred to women as “breeders” — a derogatory term used to refer to straight people or people who can have children — and called them “weird/bad dancers.”

In one of the earliest entries from 2004, Hoadley shared a conversation with a friend about being a flower girl at a friend’s wedding and included a reference to a “four year old wearing a thong.”

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